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str8_boy_spy's Journal

Unethical extremist
24 October
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  • str8_boy_spy@livejournal.com
I'm a gay male and I like straight guys. A lot. I like to spy on them whenever I can because I don't think I should impose my values on them. My respect ends there. I'll do whatever I can get away with to catch a glimpse of a piece of meat. Being in college, my roommates are my most frequent victims. Now that I'm out of college, old friends and new acquaintances will equally fall victim to fully wireless voyeurism. Feel free to comment and share your own stories of the hunt. I post pictures when I manage to acquire them. If you want to see them, just email me or comment and ask to be put on my friends list. I'm really interested in hidden cam and voyeur pics, so let me see what you've got.

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