Unethical extremist (str8_boy_spy) wrote,
Unethical extremist

Not dead yet

Good day, gentlemen. I've now moved a bit distant from my old hunting grounds, though I'm slowly attracting some tried-and-true herds back my way. In fact, one guy I've been chasing for quite a while should be passing through in about a month, if all goes according to plan. Last time I was at his apartment, I was watching a movie when all the other folks in the area temporarily dispersed to other places. Boy-boy was in the shower and his roomie was asleep. Can you feel my blood pressure rise? I noticed that, in these run-down apartments, the gap under the bathroom door was well over an inch high. God, I love bad construction. A mirror. I needed a mirror. A Blockbuster DVD rental sat on the table before me. I popped open the case and grabbed the disc. I scuttled across the creaky floor and got down on all fours. I angled the DVD to reflect the bathroom under and outside the door. Would I be able to get enough vertical view? I waited, hoping the others wouldn't return and that the roomie wouldn't wake up and open the bedroom door immediately behind me. Time was on my side. The shower stopped. My heart raced. The curtain flew back and there he was. I'd caught this boy on tape a few years ago, around '04 or so, but nothing very good. Just enough to know I had to have more. I never thought I'd ever get the chance to even get a glimpse again. It makes me hard just thinking about it. Now he's coming here. I'm pushing for him to stay several days just so that he'll have to use the shower. I've got a clear curtain up. Fucking hot.

So. Now all I'm missing is a camera upgrade. If there was ever a time, this is it. So after weeks of searching (and abandoning my previous preferred site), I think I've found the one for me. I had wanted the shower cam from SpyCamMan, but their prices went up a LOT in February, which is when I was going to buy, so that went out the window. Now we're going to try for the much clichéd clock radio. We'll see. But the question I have for you all is: color or black & white. My other cams are color, but they're lower-res CMOS chips. This will be better: CCD. But color will still be lower-res (380 lines) and will require more light (1.0 lux). B&W is cheaper, too. Cheaper for higher resolution (400 lines) and more light sensitivity (0.5 lux). My 1.0 lux CMOS camera seems to do okay in there, so a CCD at 1.0 lux should be fine. But I'm not sure. Thoughts? Recommendations?
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