Unethical extremist (str8_boy_spy) wrote,
Unethical extremist


A few weeks ago, I planned a visit by one of my favorite boys under the pretense of doing other things. As I developed these plans, another incredibly hot guy (the redhead that I'd tried to room with) let me know he'd be coming over, too. Aww, hell yes, I never thought I'd be able to even try for this second guy. Well, I set up my camera in the bathroom and let it do its thing. When redhead shows up, he brings is current girl and a cutie from a mutual event we attend. It was like winning the lottery. Furthermore, the redhead, Lee, and his cutie accompaniment, Mickey, had both come from a beer-drinking thing and were walking bladders. Lee hit the head twice and Mickey once. I'll get something up from that as soon as I get the video transferred. My target boy avoided the john and I'm starting to wonder if he's suspecting strange goings-on. I'm going to have to replace my cams with something more stable, but this is definintely some of the best footage yet.

Job shift has wrought chaos on my schedule. So sorry for the teasing.

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