Unethical extremist (str8_boy_spy) wrote,
Unethical extremist

Update lag

Sorry for not updating recently, guys. I've been really busy with the basics in life. BUT I have made progress with this handy new camera and have finally gotten some good footage. JayRo is just ridiculously difficult to catch, but I have acheived victory. I've got a small backlog of footage for you all, so don't you worry.
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Woot! Super excited here! ^_^
You seem cool. ;)
Get access to the images I've posted by adding me to your friends list.

Yaoi's cool. Though I'm not familiar with the term omnisexual. Is that like the grand upgrade from bisexuality to all sexualities?

Omnisexual and bisexual are basically the same; it just means that I enjoy sex of many different kinds. lol
Just checking in to make sure you're okay! <_< You have had close calls in the past after all.
Hey, yeah, thanks. Just switched apartments and got a new job, so things are a little jumbled at the moment. Have some minor projects for people that I need to finish. But last night I had a couple break in my bathroom after a night of drinking, though. Gotta get my cameras set up in there.
Please update, I love your entries they're so excited and worth reading.

I added you btw
Been a little busy lately. Sorry for the lag. Occupy yourself by going back through the entries and looking through the locked stuff. Now that's hot.

Welcome aboard. If you have any pics you yourself have gotten or have any stories, please don't hesitate to share.