Unethical extremist (str8_boy_spy) wrote,
Unethical extremist


Hey, guys! I got a new cam thanks to swtnorcalboi and cdlund's donations. I was worried it wouldn't be any better than the one I had, but boy, this thing has some awesome brightness. Should be much easier to see these fine packages that wander in front of my hidden lenses. I've got it set up right now, just waiting for JayRo to hop in the shower. I've got a generic battery in at the moment, so I hope it lasts until he finishes his slaying of the undead on World of Warcraft. [crosses fingers] He's making a Wal-Mart trip after that, which will finally give me the opportunity to get a cam back in his bedroom. I'm thinking I'm going to stage a little internet upset tonight to get him off that blasted game and onto some porn. His girlfriend has to work all weekend, so he's probably pretty willing to grip his shaft.

Another piece of good news, the cam that I bashed the hell out of and couldn't fix managed to kind of repair itself. I had accidentally plugged it in instead of the new cam (they look really similar) and while the image I got wasn't great by any means, it was visible and stable, which is a lot more than I could say for it before. So I might just be running two cams in his bedroom tonight. I get a rush just thinking about it. Would be a little tricky without a channel switcher, but man... I've never ran two at once before. I don't know how the hell a camera can realign itself, but I don't care!

A piece of awful news, though: My super-hottie, red-headed, basketball playing roommate for my new apartment has backed out, so I'm not sure who I'm going to end up with... if anyone. boo hiss. But don't worry, I have some ideas for getting you the goods even if I'm living solo. Weekend guests are a godsend, no? And I'd have all the time in the world to rig the place up. Hot stuff, guys.

I'm working on parts two and three of the JayRo Jerk saga. I hope to have another installment up really soon, though tonight's activities might... distract me somewhat. Rwarr.
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