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My camera's taking too long to get here. I'm getting impatient. In truth, this works out better because as the trash in the bathroom fills, the better the angle for the camera. At least, that's the plan. We'll see. JayRo has drill this weekend, which is bad in that if the camera comes in this week, I won't have a solid weekend to try and catch him, but good in that it will afford me a lot of time to play with camera positions and whatnot.

Saturday night, I went to bed early. When JayRo's girlfriend isn't here, I leave my door cracked so that the doorknob can't be heard should I decide to go do some casual observation. He thinks it's a little strange, but figures that I "have my reasons." No kidding. Anyhow, I had this theory that when he stayed up late playing World of Warcraft that when he logged out, he switched over to porn, got his thing on, and then made a bathroom trip before going to bed. So I was trying to either stay awake until 4am or go to sleep early enough that I'd wake up in the middle of the night. Well I fell asleep, woke up - but not late enough - then fell back asleep. I was awoken by sounds from the bathroom. No, you devious little people, normal bathroom sounds. I realized that I had missed my mark and kicked myself for falling asleep again. I listened carefully as he left the bathroom, walked past my door, and back to his bedroom. I listened. His door didn't close. I waited. He left his room again, went back to the bathroom, then returned to his bedroom almost immediately and closed the door. Odd. But then again, he's an odd person. And as for myself, I'm a curious person. I got up.

I silently opened my door. I stepped halfway out of my room and saw a glowing ring of light around his door. The light was still on. He hadn't gone to bed yet. This was not uncommon. Usually there was a short delay between his return from the bathroom and the light going out. I decided to figure out what that delay was for. I stepped back into my room and picked up my handy black CD. I silently exited my room.

The floor of our apartment, as with many old apartments, tends to have squeaky, creaky spots. It's always a task to avoid them in the dead silence of night. Fortunately, when the air is running, quite a bit of white noise is created in his room while the door is shut and as long as I don't just throw my weight on such a spot, I can be safe. I've figured out where the solid spots are in my usual run and that night I crept close with exceptional skill. I set down on all fours and quickly angled the CD. It's important to know where the person is in the room as quickly as possible so that they don't open the door on you as you're trying to set up your perfect position. I couldn't see very far. At first I thought he'd opened the closet door - which blocks much of the line-of-sight into the room - but I couldn't find the door gap. It had to be something else. His foot?!? That close? Couldn't be. It would have to be only a few inches from the door. That doesn't make any sense. At the moment, it didn't matter: it wasn't moving. I adjusted my position to get a better look. Ultra quiet since he was apparently very close to the door.

I peered again. The obstacle ran as far as I could see parallel with the door. Was he lying down? R4 did that sometimes in the bathroom to jerk off. Oh man, he was probably doing the same thing. I tried to angle so that I could see farther to the left. Nothing useful. Higher. Had to see higher. I carefully scrutinized what I could see. I found his heel... pointing up. Up? Was he lying on his stomach? Maybe he was reading his WoW strategy guide. Not like him to lie on the floor, though. I kept watching. I adjusted the CD, trying to get the makeshift mirror to give me more than was possible. I saw one of the tatoos on his leg. Only a part of it... it seemed to be obscured... he was sitting on his legs! Was he wearing anything? Was he wearing anything? I could think of nothing else. I pushed the CD farther under the door, pushing into the carpet, knowing that there must be more to see. I looked for his blue Umbro shorts or black boxer briefs, hoping to see nothing but skin. I couldn't get a clear view.

He shifted. He boosted himself up onto his knees and leaned over to the computer, reaching across the better part of his small bedroom. I could see his face, which meant if he looked under the door closely, he would be able to see my bit of CD. I stayed in place. Something that he taught me was that the human eye is drawn to movement. You can often hide in plain sight as long as you stay still. So I stayed still. I saw him look at the screen - which I couldn't see - then back down his body. I knew his right hand was on his cock. I could see from his head to his chest, bare, and from his shins to his thigh, bare, but his ass and dick eluded me. He squatted back down. I looked at the carpet mat that rests under the door. He had moved it all the way to the left. I needed to be where that carpet was. Damn.

He was too close to the door to move the carpet. I'd be noticed. Knowing that I have a camera on the way, and victory at hand, I played the safer hand. I moved to the far right side of the door and tried to angle hard to the left, hoping to get something. I tilted and rocked the CD slowly for all it was worth, trying to find his meat. I knew that if he was sitting on his legs with his legs open, this was a hopeless cause. Even if the angle did happen to be close, his thighs would surely block the view. I tried anyway. When you know a guy is stroking his dick not two feet from you, there's not really any thought given to giving up. I pushed to the very limit of the angles I had at my disposal. I saw movement.

I torqued the CD and tried to get a better image. I moved in even closer to the door and down against the gap. I strained my eyes and pushed the CD a little farther. I saw it. Grasped firmly in his right hand, JayRo's shaft leading up to a flattened, wide head. It was shiny. I wondered if he was using some kind of lube, if he was one of those guys that put out a lot of precum, or if he was just super hard. His dick thrust in and out of his hand. He must've been rocking his hips because his hand wasn't moving at all. I stared in amazement, then he shifted his stuff around and I couldn't see it anymore. I saw cloth. Was he wearing boxers? Whatever it was was orange or tan... it might've blended in with his skin. I waited for him to continue. He continued doing whatever it was he was doing for a moment, then he moved around. I backed away from the door, but kept my view angled inside. He wasn't sitting anymore. Another delay. The light shut off. I jumped away from the door quietly and hopped back into my room, just in case. Nothing. I crept back into the hallway and listened outside his door. I could hear sheets moving, but nothing significant. I shifted slightly and the floor made a creaking noise. I immediately retreated, but I bumped my desk. Damn. No illusion of stealth here. I went to the refrigerator and poured myself something to drink, then went back to my room where I got myself off.

So what did he do with his fluid, I wonder. I checked his room the next day after he had left. No wet boxers like R4. No paper towels or toilet paper holding a wad. Bedding was imaculate. Nothing anywhere. Where could it be? How did he get off? I sat myself down where he had sat earlier that morning. I positioned myself in all the ways he had been. Then I looked directly ahead at the wear marks on the carpet leading to the bed. I leaned closer and ran my hand along it. Bristly. Stiff. Does he shoot onto the carpet? The concept's a little crazy for a guy like me who doesn't like a mess, but I remember seeing spycam vids where guys have done that... especially straight guys. In my last apartment where I was first truly able to use the CD mirror method, the guy that came over to "use" a roommate's computer always got himself off and I never found any wet articles. I ultimately did find slightly damp carpet. Something about a guy borrowing his best bud's laptop, sitting on his bed, getting himself hard, then standing up and shooting on the carpet he walks on his really hot to me. Doesn't seem heterosexual at all.

So the carpet... Gives me a great place to put that camera, if the angle can hold it. Can get him at his computer and on the floor. God, that would be so hot. Seeing his whole body as he sits on his legs, crotch spread wide open as he pistons his cock? Man, I can't wait for this camera.
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