Unethical extremist (str8_boy_spy) wrote,
Unethical extremist

White noise talks

So last night, my roommate and his girlfriend jump in the bathroom to take a shower... this isn't uncommon, mind you. When I first moved in, I suspected naughty business, but the hot water here doesn't last too long, so with them chatting it up and whatnot, they seemed to be behaving. Last night, though, I was doing some work and the shower had been running for a bit. From years of listening to showers, I can tell a lot by the noise the water makes. And this noise - which was the simplest of noises: uninterrupted water - told me that whatever washing was going on didn't involve soap. After making a slight mistake in January, I modified my CD-mirror technique. Now I use a black CD that's been broken in half. It affords me the same reflective surface (mild dimming of brightness) but lacks the shiny reflective "look at me" attributes that one might wish to avoid when peering into someone's room through the crack under their door. Also, with half a CD, you can use the corner to push into carpet to get a better angle, should such a thing be required.

So, I grabbed my trusty snapped-in-half CD and spun into the hallway. The air conditioner, which is right across from the bathroom, had just cut off, leaving me with little cover noise. I had to be quieter. I dropped down on all fours and crept up to the bathroom door. I lowered the CD into place and got down close. I saw my roommate's, JayRo's, foot, toes pointed at me, but far away from the door. I repositioned the CD. I saw more feet. And a clothed ass. I angled the CD higher. The girl was squatting in front of a naked JayRo as he sat on the side of the tub. I could hear noises. Oh, yes, ladies and gentlemen, we've got some mighty fellatio goin' on. For some reason I couldn't get the angle on the CD to max out like I had been able to before, so I couldn't see as far up the girl's back as I'd have liked (namely for when she got up and out of the way of my line of view), but I'd never tried the CD when people were that close to the ground before, so I didn't want to accidentally be seen in my earnestness. Out bathroom is very small, and when they started moving around, I had to flee the area so as not to be questioned should they open the door and see me on all fours next to the door they were engaged behind. I tested the angles again later to see how low someone would have to be. They'd have to be less than two and a half feet from the floor. Nice.

So today, like a good boy would, I checked out the bathroom to see where I could put a camera to get this guy's wood on film. Not many candidates. My shampoo bottles on that sit on the outside edge of the tub are the best bet, which isn't very good since they won't clear this guy's thick thighs, but it might be enough to get a glimpse of some throbbing flesh reaching skyward. I guess we'll see. I can't wait for this equipment to get in. I think I'm gonna go safe with the first placement and hide it in the trash. Should be able to get a nice view from there. Like I said, small bathroom. I'm so excited. I've wanted to see this guy's package for a long time... especially now that I live with him. Maybe it's living with somebody - knowing that when they shower, there's only maybe an inch of wood between you and their naked body - that makes a boy so irresistable.

Let me describe JayRo to you so that you can ready yourselves.
He's about 6'1"ish, caucasian, and he did a lot of martial arts, though he's recently not had enough time for it. The residual build is still there, though he complains that he's put on a few pounds. Most days you wouldn't notice. He's got tatoos on his stomach and legs and he's pretty hairy... dark blond hair... nothing on the back. He's got significant gauge piercings in both ears, and because of military obligations, he keeps his hair buzzed especially short. Usually he keeps it shaved. Blue eyes. And soon we should know about all the important parts... Gets me up just thinking about it.
Only a few more days... Only a few more days...
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