Unethical extremist (str8_boy_spy) wrote,
Unethical extremist

Thank you!

I appreciate your support and have decided you deserve a little something extra for your help. Now that my image hosting service supports video uploads, I can deliver some of the digitized VIDEO to you! Couple of things about it, though. First, my hosting service quite explicitly states that pornographic material is strictly forbidden, so if I'm discovered, there's the possibility the account will be closed suddenly. This would result in all images and video suffering broken links until such a time as that I could create another account and restore them. Second, because the cameras I'm using right now are relatively inexpensive as far as tiny wireless video cameras go, the video quality is somewhat sketchy at times. When transferring this to a computer when the signal breaks up, the data recycles and you will see brief flashes or clips from earlier in the video segment. I don't fully understand why this happens; I figure it has something to do with the magnetic spool nature of VHS recording. Also, the videos are embedded in the hosting service in their own format, so I'm not sure how much success you'll have at saving them on your own systems. Anyhow, enjoy the video from the most recent run. I hope to increase video quality in the future and deliver more and better footage with your support.

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